Sharing is caring …


sharing is caring

People who know me well, will get what i mean by this, since all i do , all day, everyday, is sharing everything i experience , especially the good things, because i want everyone i care about to try and feel the same things i did , well , not the exact same feelings obviously, because everyone lives every experience in his own way , which makes it even more interesting … 

People who don’t know me, will find that my life if a mix of authentic and modern, moroccan but citizen of the world , Dreamer but also rational …a lot of diversity and many figures that just make me who i am 🙂

So, because life is about MOMENTS , i’m taking it to the other level of sharing, and i’m opening this blog to share experiences , trips and tips … so Spread the word, and share if you care … 

Lots of love, 


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