A glimpse of GREECE


One of my favorite trips so far , is GREECE

i was so amazed by the nature of this little country , the diversity , but also how they taped the full potential of the nature to give their tourist CHOICE !!

So you first visit Athene , the main thing to see there is the acropolis , an ancient citadel located on an extremely rocky outcrop above the city of Athens, and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic signicance, since built back in the middle age …

Also you can go do sunset in the POSEIDON temple , get a cab , they’re very nice but they dont like the counter because of the high tax rate, so negociate distance when you get in .

After that it depends how you want to spend your holiday, islands or villages , you pick !

i picked Santorini and here are the tips :

  • Rent a car, you’ll need it .
  • Book your hotel in Fira ( it’s the small city in Santorini that has life , especially at night )
  • Do day trips to the other cities, my favorit was OIA , the cutest village with the best sunset ever , cute streets , with cute shops , AMAZING hotels with amazing views on cliffs . ( infinity pool is a thing there , the pictures are so worth it )
  • Beaches : you have white, black and red Sand , the white are quite far so you can try the others .
  • My favorite beach for a day is : YALOS SANTORINI , not well known by tourists, was recommanded by an artist on her gallery after a nice chat : it’s very chill, great design and music , let’s say HIPSTER beach , the beach club’s name is AEGIALOS BEACH .
  • take a look at atlantis bookstore , a treasure behind a staircase that sinks into earth,it hides thousands of titles of literature , poetry and short stories : Great souvenirs or gifts to ship by mail if you’re a postcard lover like me  😉
  • Drink an iced coffee in Coffee island, it’s like their local Starbucks but much better .
  • Favorite Greek Restaurant : Karma , in OIA , very cute , and the food is amazing .
  • FOOD : the greek salad is a must , and eat FETA everyday , everywhere !

let me know if you need more tips , and MAKE IT A GREAT TRIP !!


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