Get lost in LISBOA

Heeey everyone,

A lot of my friends asked me to share some tips about my last trip in Lisboa , so here i am sharing my first tips article 🙂

First thing first, Lisbon is a beautiful city , but it seems that their culture affairs aren’t doing a great job in marketing .

The architecture is amazing, very different from Spain, but you do find some similarities with arab buildings, especially with the ceramic designs . and taking a walk in those small streets and hills is indeed very exiting …

So here are some tips :

  • Get lost in the streets
  • walk around the alcantara area to the river, you have some nice cafés around and some cute shops .
  • Take a picture in ROSSIO praça , which has been one of its main squares since the Middle Ages. It has been the setting of popular revolts and celebrations, bullfights and executions, and is now a prefered meeting place of Lisbon natives and tourists alike.
  • Dont miss the Alfama tramway .
  • If you’re not a big fan of long lines, dont go up towers, go up PARK ROOFTOP, you’ll have the exact same view of the cities .
  • Go up hill to the view point : MIRADOURO DO MONTE
  • Get breakfast in this cute little shop if you like organic bowls
  • Get lunch in TOPO , it has a great view , and good food , and a chill area.
  • Get dinner in MINI BAR ; a great concet of fine dining where the chef take you through a great mix of flavors ( you might wanna book in advance )
  • if you want to go to the beach, visit the cute village of CASCAIS et chill at the calm beach ( no waves ) ( and if you rent a car , stop by the praia de carcavelos .
  • if you want waves though, you can go accross the bridge to Caparica .
  • Nightlife : Bairro alto is a nice area with a lot of small bars, but more to chill , not to dance , Start with Pensa AMOR ( an old brothel that turned into a bar , awesome desgin) if you wanna dance you can go up to K urban beach  or LUX club .
  • and if you have time , find a nice restaurant in Alcantara to listen to the traditional FADO Music.
  • Last but not leist : The shopping gallery EMBAIXADA , an old building turned into a shopping mall for local designers .

i wish it would help you and you’ll have a time as wonderful as mine 🙂

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