Looking to go an islande ? but afraid to get BORED , go to BALI !

Bali is an indonesian island between Java and Lombok ,  so you can fly straight from Qatar , or Dubai , otherwise fly to Jakarta , and get a local flight to BALI DENPASAR .

From my experience, you want to pack light because you’ll do a lot of moving around, and if you don’t ride a bicycle , learn how to ride a bicycle ( just kidding 🙂 ) you can rent a car or get a car with a driver , it’s quite affordable.

Spend a couple days in Seminyak , it’s a small town where you can visit the market , buy souvenirs, spend a day in POTATO HEAD a nice beach club with good food and an awesome infinity pool by the beach .  20150328_181930

Then head to ULUWATU , the beach is amazing, you’ll feel more in an island than Seminyak, the water is Blue , the sand is white and it’s warm … don’t miss Sunset in ULUWATU temple , it’s breathtaking . 20150325_142839

When you get a sunburn , and want to see something different, go to UBUD , my favorite : the most relaxing and spiritual town, in the middle of the jungle . i did my first Meditation class in a temple called LOTUS , and i can say it is a wonderful experience .

The best for the last , GILI TRAWANGAN , an island in indonesia , 2 hours away from Bali, you go there by ferry and it’s AWESOME , no cars only bikes or tuctucs,and most the hotel are in front of the beach with great views and KIND PEOPLE : Kindness is their passion, they live to make your life easier , and who doesn’t want THAT 😉

Also it is THE PLACE TO go SCUBADIVING , you have many schools that offer Debutant classes , thay teach you in a pool before heading to the open water , and this is when you discover the LIFE underwater : Most EXITING experience EVER .

My favorite dish for breakfast is definitely  the BANANA PANCAKE , it’s quite SOMETHING !

Favorite Dish for lunch is MIE GORENG , with peanuts sauce : a MUST .

i can write until tomorrow but i’d rather leave you with pictures, they speak for themselves ….

Enjoy your journey ,


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