How INSTAGRAM helps me plan my trips

People who plan their trips on their own usually google stuff before, read articles, spend time on trip advisor and blogs , i do that too and it helps, and it s also more fun and traveling with an agency and ending up on tourist traps .

This past year i discovered a new option, it s called the #hashtag on instagram!!

I choose the location, book my flight and then my instagram research starts this way :

  1. Type the location on instagram searchimg_8505-1.png
  2. Look at pictures
  3. Click on the pictures of places or food i would like to experience.
  4. Click on their location and hashtagsimg_8506-1
  5. Watch their story : basically every one who goes to these places and share pictures or videos on their story (tagging the location) are summed up in the place’s story .
  6. The hashtags sum up the pictures: for exemple i m looking for Brunch in NYC , i would type #brunchnewyorkcity and choose from the plates that look good to me , out of profiles that look local of course .

To sum up, instagram has the power to give you a preview of what you want to visit in order to avoid bad surprises, that sometimes we get by googling « things to do in lisbon » and more importantly, you can spot all « the places to be » to optimize best your time during your trip 😉

In case you want to find out about places i’ve been to on my trips , you can type in on my IG profile #kenzoftravelincroatia / #kenzoftravelingrece /#kenzoftravelinnewyork …. it ll help you surf around faster 😘🤗img_8507-1

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