My first yoga Retreat by Sofitel Marrakech ft OM YOGA

A year ago , i had my first Yoga class in the most peaceful place in Casablanca, it’s called OM YOGA , and at the end of class , i knew that it’s exactly what i needed in life … since then it took a very exiting spot in my lifestyle .

Yoga helped me connect with my body , mind and soul at the exact moment , and it helped me enjoy that moment 🙂

i just loved the concept that it’s not about a competition, or about how your pose would look , but instead it is all about how it makes you feel …

we often settle in comfort zones , because it’s easier , but Yoga taught me to explore my limits , to challenge myself , and to find confort in the disconfort , and the feeling you get out of it is truly amazing !! especially when you put all your will into it , and your body suprises you by how much it can take !!

Yoga also helped me heal and cope up with many health issues , as the power of breathing correctly massages so many organs, and stimulates glands , but more importantly , releases THE STRESS !! and who doesn’t suffer from that these days …

This weekend , i had the chance to experience a yoga retreat , in Sofitel Marrakech , a great hotel in a beautiful city , so basically the whole concept is about the wellness : you stay in the hotel for 3 days, you eat organic , healthy food , and you do YOGA , in sunrise and sunset everyday . it’s honestly the best way to run away from the city stressful life and get a detox from everything we keep up with in life !

The schedule of the weekend is full of awesome activities : we had a cocktail class and a cooking class , and A SPA !! a massage is everything you need after a hectic week , and with YOGA , you got your WIN ❤

As many of you asked , the SOFITEL will have many retreats during the year , and the next one is December 14th , you might wanna call and book fast enough , they only have few spots … and it’s totally worth it !!!

Pictures below …. enjoy and NAMASTE 🙂

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