Fes city, as you would want to know it ✨💕

A lot of moroccans dont really like going to fes city, because the new modern city has the reputation to be boring, with very few choices in terms of leisure.

But what most people ignore , is the authentic rich cultural side this city has to offer , since this side is all in the Old Medina …

Fez city is among 10 cities in the world that was recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site , as it has amazing tourist sites that not only please the eyes but also the hungry minds and spirits , with the amount of stories that date from the medieval times .

Can you believe that Fes hosted the first degree granting university in the WORLD? It is called Al Karaouin university and was actually built by a woman : fatima al fihri .

It makes me proud every time i hear it,but sad when i remember how society today downgraded women To very limited positions, and many women settle to those .

Anyways, back to tourism, the university today has a beautiful mosk and a library that are open for visits and prayers, don’t miss both 😌
The world’s oldest leather tannery is in fes , you can learn about the complete process of preparing leather manually, and you can watch how it s tanned with natural made colors. Makes it even more beautiful when you hear the story of the skilled workers and how they evolve everyday and make a living for their families through these small ditches .<<<<<<<<<
i can give you a whole list of other monuments you can visit , but you can google them easy , or ask anyone , they ll be happy to guide you, for free , people are so generous and happy 🙂

But instead , i’ll recommend to wander through the narrow streets and look for beauty in old houses, called ryads today :

Below are two amazing gems i found , and their beauty really blew my mind and took me back to the medieval times :

1) Ryad Belghazi : an old house, that turned out to a museum about moroccan women, jewelry, dresses and beauty : totally worth a visit 👌

2) Palais Shehrazad : A beautiful hotel , that used to be a house of a vizir back in the days, but now hosts an amazing Spa and beautiful rooms and garden , it smells divine, and you can definitely get in Shehrazad’s skin for few days to see how it felt 😌 So,you can settle for what people tell you about places , or take the chance and go dig for beauty yourself, up to you, but i’m sure the second option can only be better 😉👌

Enjoy your journey and keep me posted if you find any hidden gems i missed 💎

With love,


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