2018 : My taste of HEALING

If I have to choose one word to identify 2018, then it would be HEALING!

Because you don’t have to be sick to heal, you don’t have to be weak to , and you don’t have to be bad to try and be better, try and be a better VERSION of yourself …

When you live from your heart, life keeps taking your journey around so many different ups and downs, goods and bad, it takes you around so many things, people and emotions that trigger you in so many ways …

Most of the times, we tend to act out of these emotions with anger and anxiety and it evens causes out to say things we didn’t really mean or hurt people we love , out of PROTECTION !

Protection of that little child we carry inside, that little child we abandoned the day we decided to become adult and deal with LIFE and hang with the flow of perfection!!

BE perfect at work, be a perfect wife or girlfriend, be a perfect friend, a perfect MOM or DAD, be a perfect man or WOMAN! because we need to be approved , respected and accepted by everyone else but US !

Until one day, we feel empty, weak, and any look, or word or a feeling of judgment makes you touch bottom!

And this is exactly when you need to stop, and look inside, to face these ghosts that you’ve been carrying around for years, since you were a child.

These ghosts are nothing else but memories that haunted you your whole life that only manipulated your ego into acting in different ways, ways that protected that little child and made him feel secure and defended him … but not in the right way, because those ghosts keep coming back in different styles, colors or languages: stress, anxiety, anger, or even DEPRESSION!

Whereas that child is only waiting for you, the adult you became to go back and give him, attention, esteem and LOVE, in another language, you’d call it the very famous: SELF LOVE.

There are many ways to healing, and many objectives to healing, and the first step to all of them is to be true to yourself, to be honest to how you feel and why you feel that way and also why you want to HEAL …

It is not an easy or a fast process, and is not a process we would achieve without help, or guidance, but is totally worth it, because it clears your mind from all the negativity that keeps you from connecting to your soul, intuition and creativity and it helps your energy attract good things into your life, because you find peace, with who you are … at least it did that to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

I’m grateful for all the people who came into my life and those who left it, I’m grateful for all the moments i felt heard by God and answered to , i’m grateful for all the moments i felt understood, and i’m so grateful to have gotten to know myself ,my priorities, my strengths, and weaknesses and more importantly I’m grateful i got to Love all of them … and love myself!

I’m grateful for the downs that allowed me to reach better ups ,

And i’m so grateful for the version of myself i am today 🙏

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