Those who have been following me for few years now, know how much i love to Brunch , take time in BED in the morning and then go out for a Big brunch every weekend if i could 🙂

So here comes the time when i make my own list of favorites , in Casablanca, my city to start with :

My ALL time favorite : BONDI COFFEE KITCHEN 

it’s the first BRUNCH all day in CASABLANCA , that means you can still get there at 3pm and eat BRUNCH : a nice LOFT in Gauthier , owned by a very nice Moroccan-Australian couple , and the service is done by a young english speaking team …

The Menu is very large, we have different types of Brunch plates , my favorite is the Zuchini pancake or the sweet BANANA pancake .


few weeks ago , i’ve tried this new brunch spot , because i love Açai bowls, and it’s the first place in Morocco that makes real ONES , and more importantly , has a brunch menu EVERYDAY , not only weekends !!

they have very nice formulas with Avocado toasts , peanut butter banana brioches and of course BOWLS , all kind of them 🙂

the prices are very conveniant relatively to the quantity of FOOD : basically it’s the only thing i eat during the day !!

Last but Not LEAST : Organic Kitchen

the Brunch here is only on Sunday , and is very nice , organic , and tasty , with a variety of plates … prices here are a bit higher than the Two above  ,but it’s a different Vibe …


i selected my top 3 but i’ve had very nice ones too , especially in hotel Brunches , and i might just keep those for another article .

until then, Enjoy your life , love FOOD , and love YOURSELF ,





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