ATHENS City Guide

When you think Athens, you think ACROPOLIS … and YES it’s SPECTACULAR , and is a definitely MUST , but Athens is a lot More .

I had the chance to visit the city in 4 days , after i flew from Casablanca on a straight flight with Air MEDITERRANEAN .

The location of the hotel is very important , as it should allow you to go out at anytime of the day or night , and find LIFE , i recommand anywhere around OMONIA , Monastiraki or PLAKA . 

Things to visit :

  • Start with the Acropolis
  • Follow with the ACROPOLIS MUSUEM
  • On the next day , check out the National archeology Musuem .
  • Walk around PLAKA
  • WALK along El. Venizelou road , you have so many historical beautiful buildings .
  • Check out ANAFIOTIKA : a hidden gem where Houses were built in the 1800s by workers who came to Athens from Anafi, an island in the Cyclades and tried to reproduce an island look-alike neighborhood inside ATHENS .

Where to EAT : 

  • KAPPARI- THISIO : Absolutely the best food i had during my stay
  • Little hook : beautiful coffee shop in Monastiraki
  • SIX DOGS : go downstairs for food and drinks , it’s ZE place to be in Athens 🙂
  • BRunch : ESTRELLA

Shopping Area : 

  • Ermou street
  • Valawritou for Luxury Brands

Dinner and Drinks with a view: 

  • the 360
  • A for Athens
  • City pub with no view but cool vibe : MAYOR in KOLONAKI area , the whole area is really cool .

For more informations , you can ask me here or on my instagram 🙂

Cheers Y’all ,



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