Colombia Baby !

when you think Colombia , you think PABLO ESCOBAR !! and yes he was there and left such a big footprint on that country …
But Colombia is way more than that !!
this year i had the chance to visit it … and here is the itinerary i took and things i recommend to do :

i booked a hotel in the city center, in TRANSVERSAL street, a walking distance to many of the sightseeings , although i didnt really go out at night in that neighborhood .
* i went on a graphity free tour to learn about the city , with an awesome group that has a blue umbrella as a sign, you can google them to find out their meeting point, you wont regret it .
* Visited la candeleria neighborhood
*went up to Monserrate for the best BOGOTA view .
* Visited the Gold musuem .
Best lunch spot :Selina BOGOTA

Best dinner SPOT : ANDRES DC

then after a couple days, i needed to go explore the Carrabians … so i flew to CARTAGENA: 

such a beautiful colonial city with an amazing architecture, so many instagramable spots and beautiful Beaches … you can either choose to stay in the wall city , outside or on an island .

i personally stayed in a very cute hotel called : » Portal de san diego » , i really loved how nice the people were at the hotel … also very well located in the middle of the wall city .

you can book tours before 5 pm everyday for the day after to the islands around , my favorites were la islas ROSSARIO and PLAYA TRANQUILA … i only did day trips on the boat , but you can book to stay overnight if you’d like a better island experience !!

the food was great , i enjoyed Ceviches almost everyday … and the nightlife is really cool , you just need to ask where the party is , cause it’s happening everynight in a different SPOT … so people will tell you if you ask !! Cafe del mar has a great view , Havana club is awesome if you like Salsa with a live band .

and of Course , if you watched NARCOS , you don’t want to miss MEDELIN : the city of Pablo ESCOBAR .

a beautiful dynamic city , pretty modern , but with a big escobar print, and a lot of history , especially when you talk to people , and most of them knew someone who either fought with or against Escobar … and it was interesting to see how much the government is trying clear up the NARCOS tourism , and forbids the tours that involve visiting Pablo’s house … but i found that experience very interesting … although not very well promoted , you can always ask your hotel to find you a tour Guide 😉 or check my instagram Colombian Highlight, you’ll find your guy !!

for the hotel recommendation : i stayed in Hotel Lieras 10 … great neighborhood with a very famous reggeaton spot across the street … 🙂

some useful information for Moroccans :

YES we need VISA , and it’s quite easy, because you fill everything online, you call and get an appointment, you go to the embassy, you meet an amazing lady there that helps you out with finishing the application documents , and you wait couple hours to get your passport back !

  • Flight information : the easiest way is to fly straight from Madrid with IBERIA . and the local flights are very cheap , always chose LATAM if you can , they’re great, VIVA colombia was pretty cheap , because they made me pay for everything, even for printing the boarding pass at the airport …

until then , dare to desire, and dare to make that desire happen…

Stay happy, stay curious and love your life …

Cheers ,




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